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We know sports and production. We love adventure. We make sure your medical needs are covered.

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Just like you, we work to ensure everyone is kept safe, healthy, and enjoying as much as possible.

X Sport Medic in brief

X Sport Medic is the first company in Costa Rica to focus on medical coverage for Olympic, Adventure and Extreme Sports. We also provide medical services for film, TV companies, and many others involved in the industry of outdoor events.

Our event medic methodology facilitates service and communication for participants before, and during, the event to receive; Specific Competition Safety Counsel, Trauma Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment, Reduction of Dislocations, Fracture Stabilization, Taping, Supports, and more. In addition, participants receive the necessary post-event follow up support.

We combine Medical care and emergency logistics to ensure everyone is kept safe and lively. We work with the best doctors in the industry and constantly develop our healthcare team to support your project.

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