About X Sport Medic

XSportMedic is the premiere sporting event medical service company in Costa Rica. We provide certified medical support and equipment for sporting and outdoor events around the country. XSportMedic is the only registered and licensed medical services company with experience in the field with national and international event organizers. We operate with a proven methodology before, during, and after events to ensure the health and safety of the staff and participants.

We are the first company in Costa Rica to focus on medical support and coverage for Olympic, Adventure and Extreme Sports, as well as for film, TV companies, and many others in the outdoor event industry.

Our Methodology permits participants before, and during, the event to receive; Specific Competition Safety Counsel, Trauma Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment, Reduction of Dislocations, Fracture Stabilization, Taping, Supports, and more. In addition, participants receive any necessary post event follow up support.

Dangerous behavior is commonly observed on people who relate to sports in general.  Medical care, and emergency logistics combined, are a priority to these sorts of competitions, assuring everyone is kept safe and lively. We simply come up with the best doctors and healthcare team in the area to support your project.