• Get to know the kind of event you aim to have
  • Analyze the location(s), terrains and distances of your event
  • Know the amount of people involved in the event.  Subdivision  may be distinguished by traits such as age, gender, family and medical history, and experience
  • Methodology

  • Get to know how much endurance your activity claims to have
  • Analyze medical articles and previous events like yours
  • Get to know possible environmental threats
  • Availability of medical and general facilities


  • We expect the best, but plan for the worst
  • Continuous communication between medical director and staff, organizers, rest of the crew
  • Planning for environmental and event disasters.  This depends on the previous analysis
  • Emergency transportation and exits
  • Planning on number of medical staff, supplies and equipment
  • Medical procedures available
  • We provide high quality service and cost effective care, through our planning system


  • We provide full medical logistical services
  • Create ground basis on communication with all members in charge of the event
  • Coordinate with the closest clinics and hospitals available in the area. And the medical personnel in charge
  • Communication with a wide range of health care authorities and other medical coordinators
  • Monitor the event´s progress to identify and rectify any problems


  • We believe on teaching our patients so they get the best of us at all times
  • We also believe on lifelong learning procedures
  • Xsportmedic provides conferences, workshops and business meetings to our event organizers, staff and competitors
  • Depending on the location, we provide information on possible environmental threats and Tropical Disease Management


  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a Pound of cure”
  • We set preventive medicine at all times. So we can minimize the illnesses effect
  • Promotion on healthy behavior
  • Medical attention where the risk of injury is high


  • Each event we support will be statistically analyzed and reported
  • Patients transferred to any Healthcare facility will have a close follow up of their case
  • Patients treated will have a post-event follow up
  • We improve our services through our medical reports. And you keep yours safe