A. Medical Event Production Logistics.

An overview of three dimensions: overall health, safety and hygiene.
People engaged in intense physical activity are related to multiple risks when participating in competitive events. The integration of medical care along with emergency and hygiene logistics are a priority in this type of competition, we thereby, preserve the safety and security of your event intact.

B. Medical Direction of your event

Our event medic methodology facilitates service and communication for participants before, and during, the event. We start analyzing the type of event you aim to have, followed by the planning and coordination of all the variables, ending with specific reports of your event and the necessary follow up. This 7 step methodology efficiency has been proved with local and international events, providing many years of success to our team and your event.

C. Medical Care and Medical Equipment

By analyzing the type of event you want to deliver, we pick the best team of doctors available and grant you with the necessary supplies to provide adequate medical coverage and to meet the needs of the participants and staff members.

D. Nutrition and Hydration Advice (councel)

X Sport Medic has a complete team of medical specialists, professional nutritionists and updated information to assist you in the areas of basic health event. We definitely believe on an adequate nutrition and hydration not only for your competitors, but for your staff members and organizers in order to conceive the best possible event.

E. Lectures, talks and workshops

Our philosophy is to consolidate the wealth of information on medicine, health and hygiene and event production, offering integrative medical services of the highest quality, cost-effective attention to every patient we serve. Thus, we offer to share about our experience and provide the information you and your crew need for a constant personal and team growth.

 F. Medical specialists

X Sport Medics team consists of specialists from different fields,  with extensive experience in the clinical area, with availability and prompt response to your concerns, queries or needed procedures. Our doctors and professionals develop in the areas of Sports, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Gynecology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Psychology.

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