Global Adventures

An all-inclusive week long running adventure has landed in Costa Rica!
Vacation Races innovation is taking you visit the world: Ireland, Hawaii, Iceland, Alaska, Patagonia, Banff.
We are so happy to assume the responsibility of your wellbeing during the race and helping you achieve your goals and make it to the finish-line of this amazing adventure.
So, are you coming!?
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Have you heard of POTENCIATOR??

Potenciator has become significant for every athlete. The molecule of arginine aspartate is indicated for the prevention and treatment of amino acid deficiency states by insufficient intake of protein, due to unbalanced, restrictive diets or continuPotnciator Imagen FB-2 Julio_nous intense training sessions.

We reccomend you asking your physician and your coach about the benefits of Potenciator. Ask us too!

Endurance sports have changed, and so will you.

La Etapa Costa Rica by Le Tour de France

La Etapa Costa Rica MapTour de France has landed in Costa Rica for a one of a kind event.

Starting from Multiplaza and heading to San Pablo; over 1,500 participants will cycle in three different categories this next May 28th.

They wil be enjoying not only the best cycling event ever produced in Costa Rica, but also the result of so many people from around the world, working together to generate a healthy and safe event.

Radio Interview with X Sport Medic

Brian and Rafa from Primero en Deporte, had X Sport Medics medical director Luciano Riggioni talking about guidelines, medical examinations and prevention on sports related cardiac diseases.

Today you can watch the full interview on channel 15_Cabletica.

The medical tent at the finish line for triathlons

This next image shows how a finish line should be oriented for triathlon events. Although it helps you organize your finish line for other sports activities, an event organizer should analyze every event as a unique one. (Taken from ITU World Triathlon Auckland Grand Final, 2012)Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.23.19 PM

Energía Deportiva

Energía Deportiva has been working with XSM to get the most recognized nutrition products for athletes in Costa Rica. We are talking about brands like: 1st Endurance, Honey Stinger, Cliff Bar, Jelly Beans and many others. If you need advices on these products or would like to get it in CR, please contact us.

ENO Hammocks is the other reason we feel happy this time! This amazing all-terrain product has definitely come here to stay. It’s light and compact enough for backpacking and it packs up to the size of a grapefruit. That’s right…


ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. We feel gratified to be a part of ASICS family; our sponsor.


We are so happy to be joining Montezelba on their next adventure! X Sport Medic will be your medical and trip advisor this next january, next to Montezelba and their favourite cruise line around the Caribbean.

Medical assessment is more critical than you might think.

Tamarindo Beach Marathon

One of the most important international sport events in our country is about to be held this weekend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The Tamarindo Beach Marathon. Over 4.500 competitors will gather in this beautiful Golden Coast Paradise to enjoy the run of their lives and our team is ready to work with Global Sport X Group in this exceptional event.

Last year videos from GSXG explains what this event is all about!


We welcome Potenciator to our family! This couple of amino acids play an important role in cell division, the healing of wounds, removing ammonia from the body, immune function, and the release of hormones.

The benefits and functions attributed to these amino acids:

  • Precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO)
  • Reduces healing time of injuries
  • Quickens repair time of damage tissue.

If you have any questions about Potenciator, please let us now, or ask your physician about it.